Tracy Johnstone

In her 30 years as a McDonald’s franchisee, Tracy got efficient processes, a vibrant culture, and extraordinary loyalty. She had discovered the Johnstone Difference.
Tracy Johnstone | Johnstone Difference

What is the Johnstone Difference?

In her 30 years as a McDonald’s franchisee, Tracy Johnstone successfully ran seven restaurants and achieved national status inside the McDonald’s organization. In that time, Tracy redefined what it meant to be a leader in a global brand. Her style was different. She valued people over processes, culture over compliance, and took care of her people, knowing they would take care of her. Read more and discover the Johnstone Difference  >

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About Tracy Johnstone

Tracy was a McDonald’s franchisee for 30 years. In that time, she and her husband Tim owned seven locations in North Florida. Tracy was also part of many national McDonald’s efforts, including chair of the National Operators Association, chair of the Women Operators Network, and lead for the McDonald’s owner/operator COVID response team for the entire U.S. Read more about Tracy Johnstone >