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Tracy was a McDonald’s franchisee for 30 years. In that time, she and her husband Tim owned seven locations in North Florida. Tracy was also part of many national McDonald’s efforts, including chair of the National Operators Association, chair of the Women Operators Network, and lead for the McDonald’s owner/operator COVID response team for the entire U.S. 

Tracy successfully put a human face and heart on one of the largest global brands in history. 

Tracy led some of the most innovative McDonald’s local marketing in the country, including a docu-series called Making a McDonald’s that chronicled building a new location, an employee spotlight series called My McDonald’s Story,  and a documentary called Arches for Devon, about an autistic boy to whom she gave a very special set of Golden Arches. Devon’s story was picked up by The Good News Network and Yahoo, among many others. It received more than 33 million online impressions. 

Tracy successfully put a human face and heart on one of the largest global brands in history. She was so successful, her style became known as the Johnstone Difference. Now she uses her three decades of big brand experience to help other businesses and organizations develop effective, humane corporate operations, communication, and growth strategy.


Credentialed Instructor and Proctor

Association of Food and Drug Officials


Retail Committee appointee 

Professional Affiliations:

  • National Restaurant Associations Serve Safe Certified, Proctor, Instructor
  • Speaker for the AFDO Seminar, New York Conference for Food Protection, Panelist for the FDA/Regulatory/Industry Panel
  • Culinary Advisory Board Gulf Coast State College
  • Association of Food and Drug Officials – Member/Retail Committee
  • Association of Food and Drug Officials of Southern States
  • National Environmental Health Association Member
  • Grey Shirt – Team Rubicon, FEMA certified
Tracy Johnstone | Johnstone Difference

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