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Tracy's 30-year McDonald's franchise career was a testament to her leadership and influence. It was nothing short of remarkable. She successfully managed seven locations in North Florida and spearheaded numerous national McDonald's initiatives. As the Women Operators Network chairwoman, she led the largest advocacy organization within the brand, empowering women owners/operators to expand their businesses, secure new locations, and enhance their knowledge of best practices.

Her innovative marketing strategies marked Tracy's tenure as a McDonald's franchisee; she mastered the art of localizing a globally recognized brand. She led the COVID response team for all McDonald's owners/operators in the US, served as the Coop Advertising/Marketing Chairwoman, and was an elected board member of the Operator's National Advertising Fund. Her creative initiatives, such as the docuseries' Making a McDonald's', the employee spotlight series 'My McDonald's Story,' and the heartwarming documentary 'Arches for Devon,' showcased her unique approach to marketing.

This approach, known as the Johnstone Difference, humanized one of the largest global brands in history and continues to be a testament to her unparalleled success. Today, Tracy leverages her wealth of experience to help businesses and organizations develop effective and compassionate corporate operations, communication, and growth strategies, ensuring that your brand will stand out and make a lasting impact. Tracy will work with you to evaluate your operations, Profit & Loss line items, pricing, sales growth strategies, and people practices. You will see your business in a new light, and so will your customers or clients.


  • Credentialed Instructor and Proctor ServSafe
  • Association of Food and Drug Officials AFDO
  • Member Retail Committee appointee